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                             TO ONLY PLAY

                       WITH THE MOVEMENT
                             OF THE HANDS



Apt electronic musical instrument is to professionals who to amateurs who want to learn or to attempt in a new musical art


            Working, perfectly ready all' use



     - Adjustable output volume through
   - Frequency range from 40 to about 2200 Hz
   (adjustable by potentiometer), which
   corresponds to an extension of 5 octaves
   around the position in the second
   space on the staff, one above the DO
   conventionally has a central
   frequency of 440 Hz
   -Pitch Control (control of modulation
    perform the agreement or transposed tones)
    potentiometer and ANTENNA
   - Output for Amplifier:
     6.3 mm mono jack plug
   - 3 double triode (2x) - (1x) and 6SL7
    Triode Eptodo 1 (1x)
  - 2 oscillators with Hartley for the Pitch
    core inductors
    Adjustable variable capacitors and ferrite.
   -2 Hartley Oscillator for volume
    inductors with fer-rite core adjustable and
    variable capacitors.
   -1 Eptodo Mixer.
   VCA tetrode -1 / Audio Buffer.
   -1 Triode Audio Buffer.
   -1 Triode Audio Buffer / Master Output.
   Antenna-pitch: Aluminum, diameter 0.5 mm.
   -Controls: Fine-tuning the Pitch
    fine tuning volume
    Master volume and timbre "Shape".
    -Power supply: 9 Volt Battery Equipment


The device must be connected to an amplifier or mixer, stereo, karaoke
through Jack Wrist pin from 6,3 milimeter MONO

                                             (Compatible Stereo)

For greater information:
       Special o
        99 euro+
Shipping costs


The product is in Italy, the cost of international shipping is 20 euros, the shipment is carried out by courier 
                Contact me for payments

                   in a manner different



The Theremin has been invented around 1919 from the Russian Leon Theremin and can be considered to all the effects one of the first completely electronic musical instruments.

The aspect that renders this instrument truly singular is its operation: sound without to touch it!

It is composed fundamentalally from two antennas, an external and an inner one, approaching and removing the hand from an antenna, arranged vertically, controls the intonation while through the other, decided horizontally inside, the volume is controlled. The two antennas are mounted on a châssis that it contains the circuitry electronic


In the first place it goes cleared that essentially two ways of employment of the theremin exist: like instrument in order to produce special effects or, in order to say it like Clara Rockmore, true musical instrument in order to play true music.
In the first case, being totally free from the musical conventions, the use is indicated in order to create atmospheres details. Used in this way the Theremin very spouse with all the one which the electronics offers to music, as an example is itself a lot indicated the use of processors of marks them which reverberates, echo, chorus, flanger etc Is clearly that having constrictions with the musical rules this executive approach is not the much simplest one and allows than free debit vent to the fantasy.

In according to case, finding us of forehead of fact to a musical instrument, the Theremin can be used like any other instrument in order to execute any melody. The advantage to use a Theremin is that we have to that making with an instrument from enormous the expressive potentialities, that possesses sonority many details in a position to giving colorations originates them to the music that is executing etc

A push-button is present that allows the regulations of variation of the sensibility of the antennas so as to allow to obtain a dynamics more or which extended less let alone than to vary the extension of the instrument. They are moreover present of the regulations that vary the forms of the waves generatrices concurring therefore to remarkablly vary also the stamp of the instrument.

Musical espressivity is totally free, will be able liberations confrontarti with your friends or familiar, you will be able to create of the real melody and songs. With the Theremin they have been played the best symphonies in the greatest concerts. The theremin it has been used above all in the sonorous columns of films, in particular, “I you will save” of “Alfred Hitchcock” and “Ultimatum to the Earth”. Other famous examples are the acronym begin them of the series originate them of Star Trek and that of animated cardboards of  Scooby Doo                                        

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